Saturday, May 28, 2016


588 College Street, Toronto

When people ask me what my favourite restaurant in Toronto is and without flinching I tell them Frank's Kitchen. I didn't know casual fine dining actually existed, the atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxed but still classy. I've seen customers dine in shorts, suits, sandals, etc.
The service is outstanding, the servers are very knowledgeable, friendly and a tentative.
We started off with the daily complimentary amuse bouche, tomato bisque with a side of housemade focaccia & dip. The bread was lightly toasted, I enjoyed the small portion of starters so you don't actually fill up on bread before your meal.

The daily appetizer special was the Deep Fried Squash Blossoms stuffed with Homemade Goat Cheese & Spinach. It was my first time having squash blossoms and they were delicious! Light and crispy with a creamy sweet and savoury filling. I would definitely order this again but it's hard to find squash blossoms on menus because it's such a seasonal item.

I also got the Kobe Beef Tartare with Fried Egg, Shaved Black truffles, Pickles and Guiness Mustard, $21. Look how beautiful the plating is. The truffles paired very well with the beef giving it an earthy element to the dish.  The pickled vegetables cut through the fattiness of the beef, I could eat this over and over again. The dish was also served with truffle brioche

The main courses were outstanding.
Catch of the Day: Salmon with lobster sauce, $26 & 12 oz Aged Beef Striploin with Shaved Truffles in a Shallot Jus with a side of Parmesan Frites, $40
The steak was perfectly cooked, the jus was flavourful without being too salty. It was everything anyone could want when ordering steak frites.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Tweak Your Tea: Pure Leaf Tea Recipes

To celebrate Pure Leaf's launch of their new Unsweetened Tea line in Canada, they invited me to be part of their #TweakYourTea campaign, where I was given the task of creating different tea combinations that would show off my individual style. Pure Leaf Tea (Instagram: @pureleafcanada #pureleafcanada, Facebook: Pure Leaf Iced Tea) is the only real leaf brewed tea and the new unsweetened tea line consists of Lemon Tea, Green Tea & Black Tea.