Frank's Kitchen

588 College Street, Toronto

When people ask me what my favourite restaurant in Toronto is and without flinching I tell them Frank's Kitchen. I didn't know casual fine dining actually existed, the atmosphere of the restaurant is relaxed but still classy. I've seen customers dine in shorts, suits, sandals, etc.
The service is outstanding, the servers are very knowledgeable, friendly and a tentative.


Tweak Your Tea: Pure Leaf Tea Recipes

To celebrate Pure Leaf's launch of their new Unsweetened Tea line in Canada, they invited me to be part of their #TweakYourTea campaign, where I was given the task of creating different tea combinations that would show off my individual style. Pure Leaf Tea (Instagram: @pureleafcanada #pureleafcanada, Facebook: Pure Leaf Iced Tea) is the only real leaf brewed tea and the new unsweetened tea line consists of Lemon Tea, Green Tea & Black Tea. 


DIY Ramen Burger Kit

It's been a minute since I've posted here but I thought it would be fitting to start off my new found motivation with a post about a DIY Ramen Burger Kit created by Anothoni Chan, a self proclaimed ramen enthusiast.

Anthoni started blogging about ramen in 2012 and his ramen filled instagram feed in 2015, he's had over 215 bowls! During that time he started experimenting with different ramen recipes and would post his results on his blog.  A few years ago the famous ramen burger took the world by storm but never quite made it to Toronto so Anthoni decided he would make his own. His ramen-loving followers loved the idea and kept asking how they could get their own, that's how Anothoni's DIY ramen burger kit came to be.

I've had the pleasure of getting my own DIY kit, Anothoni customized it to the flavours I enjoy most, I told him was that I liked Japanese & spicy food and this is what my kit consisted of:

2 ramen burger "buns", shrimp tempera, cheese, over easy egg, spicy mayo and tempera sauce.


Kinka Izakaya

4775 Yonge Street, Unit 114
North York, ON

As of November 1st, 2015, the franchise agreement between Kinka Family Inc. and Kitanoya Marketing Corp ended which resulted in the Toronto Guu Izakaya locations being renamed to Kinka Izakaya. Formly known as Guu Izakaya, Kinka has been one of my favourite restaurants in Toronto. Last summer the they opened their third location in North York which makes all the uptown kids much happier.



355 Hanover Street Boston, MA

One of the most famous Italian restaurants in Boston. Past reviews have appointed Giacomo's as one of Boston's must visit tourist restaurant with horrible and rushed service but I firmly disagree. Giacomo's doesn't take reservations and people start lining up at 4:30pm for the restaurant to open at 5pm. The restaurant is tiny with tables extremely close together but I didn't mind, I love seeing what other people are eating.

We started off with the small Calamari, $7. I loved the light batter that coated the rings and tentacles, the marinara sauce had a nice spice and tang to it. Even for a small I thought the portions were quite generous.

Belle Isle Lobster and Seafood

1 South Main Street 
Winthrop, MA

Belle Isle is one of my favourite restaurants in Boston to get my lobster roll fix. The lobster roll is a little on the pricier side but it's worth every penny. The seafood is always fresh and perfectly cooked. Belle Isle is located a few stops outside downtown Boston which is somewhat of a trek but easily accessible but the train.

Haddock with onion rings and chips, $14.99,  had a nice light batter without being too heavy or greasy. I really love Belle Isle's coleslaw too.

The Chase Fish & Oyster

10 Temperance Street, 5th Floor
Toronto, ON

The Chase was the only Winterlicious restaurant I attended this year and I was ecstatic, I've heard great things about the chase so at a $35 price point I thought it was a steal considering an entree can range from $25-60 a plate.

We started off with around of oyster shooters for the table, it was fresh and light without an overly alcholicy aftertaste. It was a perfect way to start off a great meal.